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Game 150 Open Thread: Phillies at Padres

Ken Giles: Closer -- coming soon to a Phillies game near you.

Shockingly, not the most embarrassing thing Papelbon did yesterday.
Shockingly, not the most embarrassing thing Papelbon did yesterday.
Rich Schultz

You know, I had a whole thing ready to publish about the last road trip of the year in this game thread. It was all wistful and melancholy and lovely. And then MLB had to go and ridiculously suspend Jonathan Papelbon, making everything I wrote completely moot. Or, well, I think Joey Tribbiani can say it better.

Did that video clip make sense? Nope! Does Jonathan Papelbon's suspension make sense? Nope! So that means it's obviously time for the lineup! Maybe that will make more sense!

Today's Lineups

Ben Revere - CF Yangervis Solarte - 3B
Cody Asche - 3B Seth Smith - RF
Chase Utley - 2B Jedd Gyorko - 2B
Ryan Howard - 1B Yasmani Grandal - 1B
Marlon Byrd - RF Rene Rivera - C
Domonic Brown - LF Alexi Amarista - SS
Wil Nieves - C Jacob Goebbert - LF
Freddy Galvis - SS Will Venable - CF
Jerome Williams - RHP Andrew Cashner - RHP

Oh good Lord it's the Padres. No one is going to score any runs in this series. That's my prediction. Zero runs from either team. Zero! Scoreless baseball is interesting baseball, right guys? Oh wait, I'm sorry, it's the opposite of that.

13 games left. And seven of them will be Papelbon free.

Discuss the game in the comments below.