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Rolen Home on the Game 160 Open Thread: Phillies vs. Braves

You know what would make the perfect ending to Scott Rolen Retirement Day? A Maikel Franco home run.

The Phillies and Braves Celebrate Three Days of Awww.
The Phillies and Braves Celebrate Three Days of Awww.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We can't lose. If we win we sink the Barves closer to fourth. If we lose we sink ourselves closer to the 7th pick in next summer's draft. CELE2RATE! (I'm legally obligated to spell at least one word with a 2 in everything I write until the end of the season.

Today's Lineups

Phil Gosselin - SS Ben Revere - CF
Ramiro Pena - 2B Carlos Ruiz - C
Freddie Freeman - 1B Chase Utley - 2B
Justin Upton - LF Ryan Howard - 1B
Jason Heyward - RF Marlon Byrd - RF
Christian Bethancourt - C Domonic Brown - LF
Chris Johnson - 3B Cody Asche - 3B
B.J. Upton - CF Freddy Galvis - SS
Ervin Santana - RHP Jerome Williams - RHP

In the comments discuss how thankful you are we didn't sign B-Up.