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Welcome to the offseason

Are you relieved? Sad? Happy? Confused? All of the above? Well, so are we. Welcome to the Phillies offseason.

Mitchell Leff

Yesterday, the Phillies played the 162nd and final game of their 2014 season. There have been ups and downs, and downs and downs and downs and downs. But now it’s over, and we can all feel momentarily relieved that we don’t have to watch Ryan Howard struggle anymore. Until we realize that there’s no more Phillies until March. Oh God that’s so far away, it’s so very far. (I guess my moment of relief was short.)

As the Phillies are plunged into the offseason, so are we at The Good Phight. As always, things will slow down a bit around here. We’ll have threads for all the postseason games, and an occasional game recap as well. We’ll be starting our world-famous Exit Interview series, and publishing season reviews. JP and Cormican will talk about how the Phils minor league teams and players fared this year. And eventually, Cormican will start his amazing draft previews. Soon enough we’ll be tossed headlong into winter meetings, and we’ll cover that as well as the many trades and signings that are *sure* to happen. Before you know it, we'll be back at spring training, and we start this glorious process all over again.

But as we take stock of the season that was and start looking forward to the future, all of us here at The Good Phight want to thank all of you for reading and commenting. Without you we’d be shouting into the void, and while I think most of us would do that anyway, we’re so grateful to be a stop on your baseball journey.

And I'd like to thank my amazing, fantastic, brilliant writers. I'm out of words to describe my gratitude for sharing their time and talent with the site. Without them I know I would have long ago been driven insane by the Phillies, so I owe them hugely.

Please let us know what you’d like to see from us this offseason. Are there topics we don’t cover that you’d like us to tackle? Is there a recurring feature that would fit in well? We want your suggestions and feedback!