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The Good Phight Power Rankings Episode X: Philly Team Twitters

Philadelphia has teams in each of the five major North American sports. Each of them has a Twitter. How do they rate?

We all miss the Doctor, but you can find him on Twitter at @RoyHalladay.
We all miss the Doctor, but you can find him on Twitter at @RoyHalladay.
Chris Trotman

The Philadelphia area is one of only eight metropolitan areas in North America that is home to a team from each of the five major North American sports leagues: MLB, the NFL, the NHL, the NBA and MLS. Each of these teams has a social media presence, of course, and a large part of that presence is a Twitter feed. How do they do? Let's check the Science!

5. The Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball

The Phillies' Twitter is just bad. There are rumors, even, that it is run by the folks at MLB Advanced Media, rather than a team employee! While rumors gonna rumor, and it's tough to know if they should be taken at face value or not, some of the foolishness that's come from @Phillies seems to lend light to the claim.

The feed seems to lag behind reality by an hour or more, at times, which is evidence that the tweeter is either not at the ballpark, or is in some other dimension. #BeastieBoys

There are also some grammar issues. Or, it could be that there was only one dude at the park. #INeverMakeSpellingErrors

Of course, they have been getting better, of late. #OfLate

4. The Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League

The Flyers' Twitter seems to grasp the seemingly basic concept of fan-outreach, and connects with the Sixers and Eagles, which, by the way, is fantastic. #GoGeography

Man do I want that blue jersey though. #Blue

That's pretty well done right there. #NotAsGoodAsTheManThough

3. The Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League

Now, I gotta be honest. I'm not a huge fan of how that went down, but to see this from the team's official Twitter account? That's a tuned in social media presence right there. #FlyEaglesFly

Also this, though I'm not sure I understand all of what is happening. #CONFUSION #WeGotYourBack

And the players get into it too, which is outstanding. This one is great on so many levels. #ILoveTheseGuys

2. The Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer

So, I need to confess here. I played soccer when I was a kid, and I understand the basic rules: no hands. But that's about it. Soccer tactics, soccer fundamentals, they all kind of elude me. When the World Cup was going on, I started to get into it a bit more, and as a side effect, I picked up the @PhilaUnion and the SBN Union site, @BrotherlyGame. I still don't understand much of what's going on, but it's starting to gain on me, for sure.

I don't know what is happening! #DOOP #DOOP #DOOPDOOPDOOP

Soccer is boring? How can these people be this excited! Of course soccer isn't boring! We're just doing it wrong! #DOOP #WhatDoesDOOPMean?

This was a reTweet but it totally counts because look at Franklin ready to fuck people up right there. #DOOP #I'llDOOPYouInTheFace #LightEmDOOPDOOPDOOP

An mention of Union Twitter requires a shoutout of some form to the Sons of Ben, which are a very fanatical supporters club.

Because, frankly, if you don't think that's awesome, you need to turn in your badge and gun. #Frankly

1. The Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association

Now, guys, the 'Sixers get it.

Go Eagles! #FlyEaglesFly

Go Flyers! #FlyFlyersFly

Like, Go Phillies, and things like that. #UhGuys? #FlyEaglesFly

Also, as far as takes on player Twitters go, the Sixers' Joel Embiid has one of the hottest.

#SlideIntoThoseDMs #WhatIsADM?

We hope you have enjoyed this Scientific! approach to analyzing Philly Twitters. Stay tuned next week for another exciting episode of Power Rankings from the files of The Good Phight! In Color!

PS. No mention of Philly Twitter would be complete without a shoutout to my mans @FanSince09, who is a true supporter of are troops and the Dawkins of Twitter. Should probably of kept J.A. Happ.

Seriously, if you're on Twitter, and you like scorched takes, justice leaguing of fools and catching criminals, follow the Fan. #WearingABaneMaskForJustice

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