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Phillies Announce 2015 Schedule

Had enough of the 2014 Phillies season? Now you can gear up for the joys and horrors of the 2015 season!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Phillies released their 2015 schedule. I know, this is tremendous news. I can hear your excited shrieks from here, dear readers. So if you're as tired of the 2014 season as I am, now you can immerse yourself in all the details of the 2015 season!

Click here for the full, month-by-month Phillies schedule.

The Phillies will kick off 2015 on April 6 by playing the Red Sox at home. The Phillies haven't opened their season at Citizens Bank Park since 2011. (In fact, the last time the Phillies played at Citizens Bank Park on opening day, John Mayberry Jr. hit a walk-off single and the team went on to win 102 regular season games. I think it's fair to expect that to happen again, right? I'm certain I won't be disappointed.) Due to the late date of opening day (a week later than it started this year), the regular season stretches all the way October 4. They'll close out 2015 by playing the Marlins at home.

Here's a quick breakdown of the 2015 schedule:

  • April is primarily a NL East month, with the exception of the three-game opening series with the Red Sox, and a four-game series against the Cardinals that ends the month. They play one series each with the Mets, Braves, and Marlins, and two series against the Nationals -- one at home, and one away. That's more than enough Natitude for one month.
  • The Phillies stick with the National League in May, venturing out of town to play the Rockies and the NL East teams again.
  • Things get more interesting in June with three series against two AL East teams. The Phils play four straight games against the Orioles -- two at Camden Yards, and two at CBP. They also play the Yankees in New York, who I'm assuming will still exist despite the retirement of Derek Jeter.
  • They play their first West Coast opponent in June, the Giants, but they do it at home. Denver is as far west as the Phillies will travel in the first three months of the season.
  • The Phillies will travel a lot in July, spending 15 games on the road and 10 at home. It kicks off with a swing through Atlanta before they finally head to California for series against the Dodgers and the Giants.
  • The team will play the rest of the AL East in July as well, facing the Rays at home and the Blue Jays on the road.
  • August features the Phils second and final West Coast swing, hitting the Padres and the Diamondbacks before they head to Milwaukee to bathe in beer cheese. (And play baseball, presumably.) They also finish up their series with the Blue Jays with two games at CBP.
  • September opens with a trip to Fenway to see the Red Sox again. (The Yankees and the Rays are the two AL East teams that won't get mutual stadium visits this year.) They face the Cubs September 10-14, and they are the last non-NL East team the Phillies play in 2015.

Visits to Fenway Park and Camden Yards are certainly things to plan around, so get those dates on your calendar now so you can make the trip. If you're thinking about making the journey to Clearwater for Spring Training, hold tight. That schedule isn't usually released until November.