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Check out this sweet, sweet Aaron Harang rumor

Go ahead, check it out. Do it.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As the Phillies stock up on mediocre and/or aging players to fill slots, chances are we're going to see some familiar faces. Faces that maybe we, um. Have commented on. In the past.

Who knows what pitchers whose faces we've insulted in the past year will, in a cruel twist of irony, appear on the Phillies' rotation, fulfilling the prophecy of modern day seers?

"Poking around," Salisbury is saying of the Phillies' interest in Harang. He sure is a pitcher.

Harang is 36 years old and made 33 starts for Atlanta in 2014, notching a boring 3.57 ERA with a yawn-inducing 2.27 BB/SO ratio and a [checks watch impatiently] 1.400 WHIP. He made four starts against the Phillies, who tagged him for 12 runs in 24.2 innings of work. Marlon Byrd was his most defiant foe, as the two had a blood feud with Byrd able to consistently blast chaos back in Harang's face, hitting .400 against him lifetime with three home runs.

Hey, look at this - Harang is the most recent attacker of Tom Seaver's single game consecutive strikeout record (10) with nine. Fun!