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2015 Phillies top 30 prospects - the leftovers

I don't recall the system ever being this deep and bolstered by recent trades I had to drop off guys I planned on writing about. So, I'm going to write about them. These are the prospects who just missed the Top 30.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies don't have the high impact prospects of some other systems, but they go 60 or 70 deep in interesting guys who could end up contributing down the line. There is not much separating guys at even 40 from guys in the teens and 20's on my list, so injuries, recent International signees and recent draftees fill out this section. Let's start with the M.A.S.H. unit.

Tommy Joseph, C - Poor, poor Tommy Joseph. He's lost most of the last few seasons to concussions and a wrist injury. His bat could be good enough to play as a regular, he's got the arm for Catcher, but his receiving needs work and his hitting needs work, he's getting none of either. He's still young and can spare a season or two to get that experience and build those skills, but every lost season is one step further from contributing. Tommy's kind of a forgetten guy in the system, but if healthy and showing improvement around the plate, he could be right back in the Top 10 by the end of summer.

Shane Watson, RHP - Remember him? He had shoulder surgery about a year ago. Just as he was expected to start throwing again news came out that MLB was suspending him for 50 games to start the 2015 season for failing a drug test for a drug of abuse. What's the worst part of that? You have to fail twice to get that suspension. This means that not only is Watson recovering from an injury that can end careers, he may also be a dolt. Again, like Joseph, the talent could still be there to be a Top 10 prospect. He'll need to regain a feel for his pitches and build arm strength. I would expect a two year slog to get his stuff back.

Adam Morgan, LHP - Another Pitcher who had pitching shoulder surgery last January. Morgan's was more serious that Watson's and while Morgan is back throwing, it was not good this fall. He was reportedly working in the upper-80's, his pitches were flatter and his command wasn't the same. Essentially he was throwing meatballs and was hit as such. I was a big fan of Morgan and saw him as a #2 or 3 Starter. Sadly I will now be thrilled if he makes it as a Reliever. Anything else is a huge bonus.

Now that everyone is properly depressed we can look at the youngsters I usually end up with in the back of my Top 30.

Arquimedes Gamboa, SS - Gamboa was the Phillies top International FA signing this past summer. In principle he has all the tools to develop into a top prospect as a Shortstop. He has Plus speed, and great feel for contact as a switch hitter. At present he has no real strength and his arm is average. The hope is that a professional training staff and access to training facilities, he'll be able to add muscle, improve his arm and hit for good gap power. If you like Gamboa you can see a hitter who could end up above average with 10 or so HR per year. If you don't like him, he could end up somewhat like Cesar Hernandez, good contact skills, but power doesn't develop and he doesn't improve his arm, limiting him to 2nd and Centerfield.

Daniel Brito, SS - The Phillies went on a 16 year old Shortstop signing spree this past summer. Brito may have the highest ceiling, but the longest way to go. Brito sounds like brittle and his build currently suggests a kid who could be, as he is 6'1" 140lbs, which is a very slight build. To me, he looks like he has the frame to add healthy weight and muscle. If he can, his contact rate suggests he could end up a good hitter for average. His swing is line drive oriented and there likely isn't much power there even if he does build muscle. So, he'll be a long build as the swing gets overhauled to eliminate a huge leg kick, he'll build strength and learn Shortstop. It'll be a long haul.

Jonathan Arauz, SS - The third of the teenage Shortstops, Arauz is a switch hitter from Panama with an above average arm, good action at short. Arauz doesn't have any standout tools, but what makes him special is that all of his tools are Average, at worst. That doesn't give him a star ceiling, but it suggests a ceiling that he could be an second division regular at shortstop or top utility player. Probably the highest floor of the three.

And lastly, a few draftees who missed my cut, but could be very high on the list next year.

Rhys Hoskins, 1B - Hoskins has a lot going for him - Plus power, great approach at the plate, good contact skills, solid defender for a First Baseman. And, of course, that last fragment notes his big check against him. First Base. At First you have to do so much more with the bat than any other position that Hoskins is going to need to destroy each level of the minors to stay a serious prospect. He started well this past season, but his 2014 line needs to be the floor Offensively otherwise you're easily replaced.

Emmanuel Marrero, SS - My god, I left a lot of Shortstops off my list. Marrero's calling card is his Defense, which alone may be enough to get him an MLB backup role down the line. His problem is a bat that could make Freddy Galvis look like Ted Williams. Even without the sudden influx of talents from the trades Marrero was just off my list, but as a fairly high pick and with a glove noted in every scouting report I've seen on him, he's worth a mention. He's in the late 30's on my list.