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David Montgomery Named Phillies Chairman, Pat Gillick Remains President

David Montgomery, who has been battling cancer for well over a year, is returning to the Phillies in the role of Chairmain. Former General Manager Pat Gillick will remain in Montgomery's vacated President role. Former Chairman Bill Giles named Chairman Emeritus.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

David Montgomery, the former Phillies President who took a leave of absence as he battled cancer over the past several months, has returned to duties with the Phillies as Chairman. Pat Gillick, the former General Manager who had been filling the vacant President position, will remain in the role of President. Bill Giles, the former President and Chairman, will assume the role of "Chairman Emeritus."

This might look like a lot of deck-chair rearranging for a troubled franchise, but, at least to me, there are at least a few extremely valuable and encouraging things we have learned:

1. Montgomery's prognosis has likely improved substantially. Cancer is a son of a bitch and I'm glad he's apparently doing much better.

2. Pat Gillick is one of the top baseball minds of the past half century. For what he lacks in "new school" bona fides, he more than compensates in respect around the industry, and ability to get things done. It's always good to have someone like this around the team.

3. Montgomery is permanently out of the President's role. Whether you think that's good or bad, this appears on the surface to be some kind of "getting-kicked-upstairs" move.