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Deck chairs on the Titanic: Dave Montgomery out as President, will be Chairman

Reports today note that Dave Montgomery will no longer be President of the Phillies. Other pieces on the board moved, too. Not surprising? Details within.

Monty is the one holding his wang.
Monty is the one holding his wang.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

In a release, the Phillies announced that David Montgomery will not return in his role as President of the Phillies. Instead, he will be Chairman. The former Chairman, Bill Giles, will be Chairman Emeritus. Pat Gillick will be El Presidente for the time being.

What does this really mean? It doesn't make the players younger or better. Will Gillick be around for a while, or just a bit?

Whither Amaro?

I don't know.

Speculate wildly below, and never grab your wang in public like Montgomery does in the picture above. That just looks horrible.