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TGP Radio Episode 15: 2015 Phillies Review

On this week's podcast, John Stolnis is joined by Phils beat writer for Calkins Media, Kevin Cooney, reviewing the Phils' 2015 season, as well as his thoughts on the Papelbon-Harper fight.

It's almost over, kids.

The 2015 Phillies season has just one weekend left to go, and while it appears the Phils could avoid their first 100-loss season since 1961, it has been a long ride this year. Joining me to talk about this season, and looking ahead to 2016, is Kevin Cooney, Phils beat writer for Calkins Media.

Among the other topics included in this week's show:

  • The Cincinnati Reds are closing in fast on the Phillies for the worst record in baseball and that No. 1 overall pick
  • Jonathan Papelbon vs. Bryce Harper
  • What is Papelbon like in a locker room?
  • How much responsibility to Harper take in the fight?
  • The state of the NL East could open a window sooner for the Phils
  • Don't expect a big-time free agent signing this winter
  • Reliever Jeremy Affeldt's retirement letter on trashes Philadelphia
  • Why Affeldt's claim that free agents don't want to play here is sheer poppycock
  • Darin Ruf and Ryan Howard will both be back, platooning, in 2016
  • The emergency of Jerad Eickhoff as an arm to watch in '16.
  • Stat of the Week and the Phils' falling attendance numbers.

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