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Ruben Amaro 'appears' to find coaching job with Red Sox


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought that, all this time, Boston had been watching what Ruben Amaro was up to and determining that it was exactly what they were looking for in a first base coach.

Who knows what "it appears" means; perhaps Cafardo was staring into the mirror on too much absinthe and an image of Amaro wearing baseball pants flashed in front of him. The Boston Globe writer is having a hell of a Saturday of Phillies-related news, having first mentioned that the team would be bringing in Matt Klentak to be the GM.

So... yeah. I don't know. Ruben Amaro's just going to go from being a general manager to a first base coach now. Does that happen a lot? Has it happened before? If Amaro is trying to break into managing, this would appear to be an effective first step. The Red Sox aren't scheduled to play the Phillies in 2016 so the Wall of Fame so Ruben Amaro Night will have to be pushed back.