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TGP Radio Episode 19: Phils' new GM and Ruben's new job

In Episode 19 of TGP Radio, host John Stolnis speaks with Phillies beat writer Kevin Cooney of Calkins Media about the hiring of Matt Klentak to be the team's next general manager, and the possibility of Ruben Amaro becoming the first base coach for the Boston Red Sox.

Matt Klentak it is, then.

The Phillies have announced that Klentak, the former assistant general manager with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be the team's next general manager, replacing the recently ousted Ruben Amaro. And speaking of Amaro, reports are the former GM is ready to take the unprecedented step of becoming the next first base coach of the Boston Red Sox.


Joining me to talk about all this is Phils' beat writer for Calkins Media, Kevin Cooney.

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