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Phillies bring back Bowa and Samuel

Guess what, kids? Larry Bowa is coming back.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Come on. You can't tell me you weren't going to miss this.

And now, it turns out you won't have to.

As the team moves into the new Matt Klentak-led era, the Phils announced that two old hands would be returning for another go-around in 2016.

If you don't like this news, there is only one person you can blame.

Don Mattingly.

You see, Bowa was almost out of here. He had interviewed for the Miami Marlins' open managerial job twice in recent weeks and was likely the frontrunner for the position. That was until the Dodgers and Mattingly decided to mutually part ways, leaving Mattingly looking for a new team to run.

Miami, seeing a good but not great manager become available, jumped at the chance to interview him and it is expected he will be hired as the Marlins' new skipper in the coming days.

And with that, Bowa's chances of landing the gig there went "poof," which is why he will return as Pete Mackanin's bench coach in 2016. There he will continue to impart his wisdom and his rage.

Returning along with Bowa is Juan Samuel, who will become the team's new third base coach. That still leaves the first base coaching job vacant, so you can expect the Phils to call a number of former general managers to see if they're interested in taking over that position.

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