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Game 161 Open Thread: Marlins at Phillies

I love baseball! Baseball baseball!

I bet hugs from Andres Blanco are the best.
I bet hugs from Andres Blanco are the best.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The second to last game of the year is the second baseball game of the day. And that's a lot of Phillies baseball for one day. ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY'RE PROBABLY GOING TO BLOW THE FIRST PICK AFTER A SEASON OF MOSTLY TORTUROUS BASEBALL. I'M FINE WITH IT. REALLY. I'M FINE WITH IT. DON'T BELIEVE ME? THAT'S BECAUSE I'M NOT FINE WITH IT.

BUT ANYWAY. It seemed appropriate for my penultimate Sesame Street clip to profess my love of baseball, even when there's too much of it.

Ernie's imagination serves him well when a rainstorm cancels his baseball game. If only we could all just imagine the last two Phillies games any way we wanted. I'd have them losing and getting that blessed, elusive first pick. I WANT IT I WANT IT **GRABBY HANDS** WAAAAAAAAAAAANTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

I could post the lineup, but it isn't up yet, and furthermore, do you care? I think it's going to be a bullpen game, which: woof. This one isn't for the faint of heart. But us diehards? YOU CAN'T KEEP US AWAY! /sob

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