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Phillies Minor League Organizational Rankings - 2nd Base

Is there anyone near ready (and worthy) to fill "The Man's" spot at 2nd?

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The Rankings: (last year's rankings in parenthesis)

  1. Scott Kingery
  2. Darnell Sweeney
  3. Jesmuel Valentin (1)
  4. Josh Tobias
  5. Angelo Mora (10)
  6. Derek Campbell (7)
  7. Drew Stankiewicz (4)
  8. Tim Zier (6)
  9. Carlos Alonso (3)

The future of 2nd base with the organization is very much in limbo. Gone is the greatest 2nd baseman in franchise history and a huge gaping hole in our hearts. Barring an unprecedented re-signing of Chase Utley this offseason, the team will likely go into the season with Cesar Hernandez penciled into the #4 spot. I don't believe Mr. Hernandez's BABIP will hold at 2015 levels and that we will soon be looking for a new solution. The most likely candidate and best prospect at the position in the organization is Scott Kingery, the 2015 2nd round pick out of University of Arizona. Kingery (21 years old) was aggressively placed in full-season Low-A Lakewood as the everyday starter at 2nd. It wasn't an ideal debut (.250/.314/.337 in 252 AB), but there is still plenty to be excited about with Kingery. He was an excellent hitter in college and an above average fielder as well. He won't really hit for power, but his hit tool should make up for it. He also had 11 SB in 66 games last season and has above-average speed. I see his 2015 campaign as an adjustment period and could be placed in Clearwater despite the subpar season.

Darnell Sweeney was acquired in the much maligned Chase Utley trade. He is a player that can do everything fairly well, but nothing that stands out other than maybe his speed (32 SB in 116 games in 2015). He knocked in 9 dingers and slashed .271/.332/.409 in 472 at-bats. Upon being traded he immediately was assigned to the big club where he hit a woeful .176 in 98 at-bats. His walk-rate was great, but his K/9 was abysmal. Sweeney also has the flexibility to play CF, but I imagine will get more looks at 2B this upcoming season.

Jesmuel Valentin slips to #3, but that is only because he missed a significant amount of time this past season. He was able to get in 31 games (118 PA) in Clearwater before the season ended. Valentin was acquired in the Roberto Hernandez trade last season and has average tools across the board. He isn't overly exciting, but knows how to get on base and field the position. He is the son of former MLBer Jose Valentin. With his rocky 2015 behind him, bigger things should be expected of him going into 2016 and could very well be placed in Reading. Josh Tobias is really exciting because of what he did in Williamsport this past season. He is a 2015 10th round pick out of the University of Florida and slashed .321/.362/.475 with 4 HR in 240 at bats. Tobias isn't the greatest fielder and is very much a work in progress on that front. He is already 22 and will need to perform wherever he is placed, most likely Lakewood. The bat will be the carrying tool here and is a name to keep a close eye on in 2016.

The rest of this list populated with utility infielders who may or may not see a big league field. Angelo Mora displayed a better bat this season and reached Reading at the age of 22 where he batted a surprising .327/.411/.531 in 113 at-bats. I'm not convinced he can keep this up given his track record. Derek Campbell and Drew Stankiewicz are destined as organizational filler. Tim Zier and Carlos Alonso lost most of the 2015 campaign due to injury. Carlos Alonso was on track to be a September callup this season and would have likely gotten that opportunity when Hernandez was lost to injury (that went to Chase d'Arnaud instead). Alonso had a great 2014, but is already 27 and not in the prospect conversation.