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Even World Series cannot escape Phillies references

Wow, it's like the Phillies are in the World Series! Only, that is not the case, and instead it is one of their heated divisional rivals who is there

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Mets are going to try and make a World Series out of this after all as they managed to win a game last night, thanks in part to the scoring of runs. Such as this one:

The thing is, that corner is there all the time. It's not 800-feet high until Chase Utley comes to bat at Citi Field, when it rattles and slowly lowers like a secret entrance to a hidden temple. Anybody can take advantage of it; it's just that Utley, a player who doesn't play 81 games a year in Flushing, happens to have a reputation for making use of it. "I should hit the ball over that low fence out there," thought the Smartest Player in Baseball.

But hey, sounds like the Mets realized emulating their worst enemy for at least one pitch last night was the right move. Granderson's dinger snuck over the fence to expand on the Mets' lead in Game Three, soiling the hopes of Royals fans and Mets antagonists across the nation.

And while the success of the Mets, who somehow went from their players weeping on the field to winning the NL pennant in the course of like two months, should be an extra dagger in the already daggered bodies of Phillies fans, New York just doesn't seem able to win in the playoffs without invoking the images of teams who have already been there.

As the Mets go back at it, tonight, who knows the ways in which they will go where the Phillies have gone before? If only our heroes hadn't gone where they went before, perhaps the Mets would not have been able to so enthusiastically follow their examples.

Is this all the Phillies' fault? No. It is the Mets who are wrong.