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TGP Radio Episode 16: MLB Playoff Preview

On this week's edition of TGP Radio, host John Stolnis speaks with The Sporting News' Jesse Spector, previewing the MLB postseason, which starts Tuesday. He also wraps up the Phillies 2015 season with some final news and notes.

The Phils season is over. Thank goodness! Now, we can get onto the playoffs!

Joining me this week on the podcast is The Sporting News' Jesse Spector, breaking down what should be a fantastic October of baseball. We'll also tie up a few loose ends from the 2015 Phillies season as well.

What's On The Podcast Today:

  • Phillies secure the No. 1 pick in next year's MLB Draft, hooray!
  • The Phillies also avoid 100 losses, the 1961 team still the last to lose 100. Double hooray!
  • Who was the Phils' top player this year? Odubel Herrera, at 3.9 fWAR. But you'll never guess who was second!
  • Pitching-wise, after Hamels and Ken Giles, you'll never guess who finished with the highest fWAR among starting pitchers who finished the season with the Phils!
  • Phillies pitchers set an amazing record, something no team has done since before the year 1900.
  • What changes are being made to the coaching staff?
  • The Marlins want to interview Larry Bowa? For what, exactly?
  • Interview with Jess Spector of The Sporting News, previewing the MLB Playoffs.
  • My postseason picks are revealed (it will feel like 1985 all over again).
  • Stat of the Week

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