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The Good Phight End of Season Game Recap Standings

We recapped (just about) every game of the Phillies' 2015 season. What lessons can we learn from those recaps? More than you might think.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

At the halfway point of the season--not the All-Star Break, the games-played-based halfway mark--I unveiled the (to my knowledge) inaugural The Good Phight Game Recap Standings and analysis. The idea behind this was to recognize, if not reward, the long hours each of us spent and will have spent watching the worst team in baseball play baseball games. I was hopeful, though not optimistic, that this study might uncover some special secret that could turn around the Phillies season and transform the team into playoff contenders.

We, unfortunately, didn't learn much aside from the fact that some of our writers were blessed by the fortunes of small-sample variance to receive stellar 1-0 records in their first-half recaps. Other than that expected oddity, fortune favored mostly no one as we all were flat out terrible at willing wins out of our recaps.

But that was only half the season. Maybe, just maybe, another 81 games would provide us with some more clarity on the true nature of our certain diverse influences over the outcomes of recapped games.

With that, I present to you, dear reader, The Good Phight game recap standings for (almost) the entire 2015 regular season:

Writer W L Pct
David S. Cohen 2 0 1.000
dajafi 1 0 1.000
Wet Luzinski 1 0 1.000
Liz Roscher 19 19 .500
LTG8 4 5 .444
John Stolnis 8 11 .421
Trev223 4 7 .364
Justin Klugh 7 14 .333
RememberthePhitans 2 4 .333
Eric Chesterton 7 15 .318
Phrozen 6 13 .316
Victor Filoromo 2 8 .200
RyneHorde 0 2 .000
schmenkman 0 0 .000
Peter Lyons 0 0 .000
Jay Polinsky 0 0 .000
Cormican 0 0 .000
Total 63 98 .391

What would I be getting paid the big blogger bucks for if I were to just leave you with this table? Not much, that's what. So, as stipulated in my contract with The Good Phight Enterprises, LLC what follows is a set of bulleted and rigorously derived points of #analysis:

  • Liz Roscher, after starting the season a startling 3-12, went 16-7 over the second half to end the season at 19-19 over a startling 38 games recapped. That nice winning percentage of 69% would make the Liz Roscher-led Phillies the best team in baseball. This offered justification for all of us not signing up for as many recaps as the season came to a close, but, alas, it was not enough to propel the Phillies to a Wild Card berth.
  • In a heinous act of blogging rookie hazing, we assigned to Victor Filoromo only games that the Phillies were most likely to lose. And lose they did. Victor's .200 winning percentage is unspeakably bad. Sixers bad, even. He will be receiving favorable odds in the 2016 Phillies game recap lottery.
  • Some of us had the prudence to not put our words on the internet. Shout outs to schmenkman, Corsican, Peter Lyons, and Joy Polinsky for their restraint. You are an inspiration to all of us who compulsively pollute the cyberspace with our drivel.
  • Phrozen, as a resident of Alaska (a Western state), typically takes the recaps for West Coast road games. A strong group of teams in the Dodgers, Giants and the Padres and Diamondbacks not being stupid bad like they've been in the past combined to make recapping a grueling ordeal for him.
  • The same time-zone-based excuses cannot be made for me and Justin Klugh. We both had the pick of the litter and still performed terribly. I mean, seriously, why did we recap so many games? Did we want the Phillies to suck or something? Did we think that would help our #brands? You know what would help our brands? Letting our team win some damn ball games is what! Why don't we put our stupid inflated egos aside in the interest of the team, the city, the fans?!?! Well, what's past is past. Maybe next year we'll be more altruistic.
  • We have to ask ourselves: What are Justin Klugh and RememberthePhitans up to with the summation of their winning percentages being .666? I suspect dark deeds.
  • dajafi  and Wet Luzinski channeled George Costanza and went out on a high note. They won their first recaps and didn't register another attempt at it after that. Well played, sirs.
  • You might notice that our cumulative record of 63-98 adds up to a mere 161 games recapped. That is because, for whatever reason, the 9/7 Labor Day loss to the Braves went unrecapped in these electronic pages. Never accuse The Good Phight of being an anti-union rag!
I hope that #analysis was enough for you to reach a complex and nuanced understanding of the factors that underlie game-recapping success. The intent of this was not to be the final word on the efficacy of game recaps but to simply ask the right questions and start the conversation. Further study is most certainly needed to fully understand the impact that game recappers might have on the outcome of a game. This is not the final word, but hopefully, it is a useful first word.