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TGP Radio Episode 22: Baseball America's Josh Norris

This week, John Stolnis talks with Baseball America's Josh Norris about their rankings of the team's top 10 prospects. Also, free agency talk and trade rumors surrounding Ken Giles.

As a team in full-on rebuild mode, the Phillies investment in youth and the minor league system is finally paying huge dividends. Baseball America's Josh Norris was out last week with their Top 10 rankings of the Phillies system, and joined me on the podcast to break it down. Norris also rates the Phils' system as a whole and looks at what potential minor leaguers could be featured in their Top 100.

Also, on the podcast...

  • Should the Phils aggressively go after one of the big-name free agent pitchers? And if not, who should they target?
  • Should the Phillies trade Ken Giles and, if so, what should they be looking for?
  • Some sad news on the Phils beat.
  • This week's Stat of the Week honors Ken Griffey Jr., certain to be elected to Cooperstown in this, his first year on the ballot.

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