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Phillies fans pretty positive about 2015, considering the obvious

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There were a few times we almost turned on each other, sure, but for the most part the knives stayed in the drawers

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

If Phillies fans are known for anything, it's their monotonous, pathetic enthusiasm for baseball. Many is the summer afternoon that fans fill the stadium seats, laughing and toasting to the team's success. All it takes is one thrilling win, regardless of context, and the friends and relatives of Phillies fans know to expect a phone call.

We are an industrious, charming people, always blasting through adversity and loss through our light, forgiving nature.

That is why the year 2015 was such an intriguing, stimulating year for Phillies fans. Who knew what the future held! Not that what we couldn't have made an educated guess about the near future when Ben Davis and Tom McCarthy were trying to make a graphic of Aaron Harang's mid-summer numbers the highlight of your afternoon. It was more the long term future on which we chose to focus.

The future came alive this season, even if the present was sweaty and mundane. And, to the surprise of the rest of the league, Phillies fans were aware that their last place team was not indicative of their long term outlook. That subsurface fervor was detectable enough for even Fangraphs to notice it, who took a brief moment away from stabbing a cardboard cut-out of Cole Hamels with a pencil while crying to outline which of baseball's fans spent the season smiling the most intently.

According to them, Phillies fans beat Diamondbacks, Marlins, Rockies, Padres, Brewers, Reds, and Braves fans at happiness in 2015. Which, after giving that list of teams a second glance, makes sense. What are the Diamondbacks even doing? They just hired Matt Williams, who was coming off being fired for near total incompetence, and are tooling around with a possible trade of second baseman with the equally listless Reds out of sheer boredom.

Still, it can be tough to stay positive about a team that finishes in last place, and is quite clearly going to be spending the season in last place starting in about early May. Despite all my extremely endearing sarcasm, Philadelphia fans are not super-renown for their patience, understanding, and optimism, and this is a time when Chip Kelly's smoothie-powered Eagles reaching .500 is about as close to a championship as the city will get for the next five years, at least.

That Phillies fans managed to keep the corners of their mouths turned upward enough to beat out seven other clubs, even on just a random happiness survey that doesn't take into account Sal and the boys calling into WIP from Donatelli's Sandwich Shop on Snyder, is indicative of a time so radical perhaps the "negapdelphian" stereotype is finally evolving.