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Introducing the 2015 SB Nation Awards

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We need your help and your votes to decide this year's winners!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the Baseball Writers Association of America, or the BBWAA, will start giving out their end-of-season awards. So it's time for us at SB Nation, an equally august body, to give out some of our own. It starts today and continues throughout the week, and here's the schedule:

- TODAY: MLB Hitter of the Year
- Tuesday: MLB Pitcher of the Year
- Wednesday: Phillies Defensive Play of the Year
- Thursday: Phillies Bat Flip/Celebration of the Year
- Friday: MLB's Best Unwritten Rules Breakage

Voting begins today on the best hitter in MLB, and you can vote on that in a post to follow shortly. But you may have noticed that two of the categories are team specific, and that's where you can help us even more! In the comments below, nominate your favorite Phillies defensive plays, bat flips, and celebrations. I'll choose the best of the bunch and we'll vote on those on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. If you can't include or find MLB video, please include as much info as possible so I can go searching for it.

Winners will be announced next week. Thank you for your help, and have fun!