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Phillies Tuesday Links Update

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If relegation existed in MLB (fangraphs)
If relegation existed in MLB (fangraphs)
Phillies Links

Phillies Rumors: Club Looking to Add Two Starting Pitchers
The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly looking to add two starters to round out their starting rotation for the 2015 season.

Matt Klentak has many options to rebuild Phils |
It has become the annual tradition in baseball that the most recent World Series champion is the latest model franchise. Teams looking to win a World Series must follow the champ's path to glory.

If Relegation Existed in Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball

Around the League

Boras' comments hint at battleground between players, owners -
As Scott Boras noted on Wednesday, the players' share of revenues are declining. It so happens that the collective bargaining agreement is up for negotiation soon.

An Early Preview of MLB’s 2016 CBA Negotiations: Part II | FanGraphs Baseball
Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary.

MLB to review runners coming off base on tag plays - Yahoo Sports
''I've talked to a number of managers about that, and in a lot of ways they feel it's unfair,'' Joe Torre, MLB's chief baseball officer, said Wednesday.

2015 MVP, Cy Young, Manager, Rookie of the Year finalists announced
The finalists for the four major awards in each league were announced Tuesday night. Here are the results.

Three Royals take home 2015 Gold Glove awards
The 2015 Gold Glove Awards were announced Tuesday night. Three Royals players took home hardware.

Baseball Prospectus | Winning By Design
There are already indications that teams are working to use design thinking to improve their implementation. We will take a look at these methods from the perspective of design thinkers and, as best we can, those in baseball.

Baseball Prospectus | Outta Left Field: The Actual Facts of the GM Demographic Shift
"'s not surprising that teams have dipped into the Wall Street hiring pool to find today's prototype GM. But just how much has the GM profile changed over the years?"

Los Angeles Dodgers hire 27-year-old TV announcer Joe Davis for 2016 road broadcast booth
The Dodgers have hired a 27-year-old announcer to join their broadcast booth in 2016, which is expected to be Vin Scully's final season on the air.

Infection causes Lou Brock to lose part of leg : Sports
Tragic turn for Brock, who once stole 118 bases at age 35.

Baseball Hall of Fame retains 10-player limit on voters despite BBWAA proposal
Baseball Writers' Association of America voters are still able to vote for only 10 players on their Hall of Fame ballots, though a number of other changes to balloting were made this year.

Mark Belanger might have been one of the best defenders of all time, but he is not easily remembered - Beyond the Box Score
Former Orioles shortstop Mark Belanger had an exceptional career—in the good and the bad way.

The American League’s Weakest Positions | FanGraphs Baseball
(2016 Steamer projections)


The National League’s Weakest Positions | FanGraphs Baseball
Guess what team is very well represented.

International baseball: Premier 12 preview and summer wrapup - Beyond the Box Score
Covering the WBSC's new flagship championship (to go along with their official championship), a golden pickoff error, Croatian workhorses, the Stacy Piagno-no, and more.

Yomiuri Giants pitchers suspended in Japan betting scandal - Yahoo News
Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) suspended Giants pitchers Satoshi Fukuda, Shoki Kasahara and Ryuya Matsumoto for betting on games, which is illegal.

The National League’s Weakest Positions | FanGraphs Baseball