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Maikel Franco kicks in door of winter leagues

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Look out winter, Maikel Franco is here to play baseball inside of you.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


After signing the pitcher who broke his wrist, the Phillies will get to soon see their third baseman/future center piece take the field in a Caribbean winter league. Maikel Franco made a brief cameo appearance at the end of 2015 to remind everyone that he is alive and good, and to also preview what he will look like in his cold weather gear during his inevitable playoff appearances in the coming years.

After taking what Joe Jordan called "some time off," Franco will be slotted into the lineup of Gigantes del Cibao, who are currently 13-13 in fourth place of the Dominican Winter League. Franco will be joining some fabulous, high profile teammates such as Phil Coke and Phil Humber, as well as fellow Phillies Joely Rodriguez and Alberto Tirado.

So get ready for such Maikel Franco winter league updates as, "Maikel Franco is hitting home runs," and "Maikel Franco is great, but in winter."