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The Mid-day Schmidt: Wednesday's Phillies Links

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Phillies Links

Jeremy Hellickson must reverse trends to succeed with the Phillies - Beyond the Box Score
Some of Hellickson's skills have actually improved. It hasn't helped.

Phillies Hot Stove: Could Julio Teheran Be a Fit?
Ethan Witte explores the possibility of Phillies pursuing a deal for Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Julio Teheran as a piece to their rebuilding program.

Projecting your 2017 postseason-bound Philadelphia Phillies
Is it crazy to think the Phillies have a real chance in 2017?

What is Phillies' postseason target date? |
People want to know when the Phils will be good again. It is understandable, but it also is impossible to answer.

Inside the Phillies: Team should seriously consider trading Giles
"With McWilliams still a couple of years away at least, the trade is currently all about the Phillies presently. While the team finished with a 63-99 record, worst in baseball, the Phillies are in a winnable division."

Arizona Diamondbacks Acquire Prospect Sam McWilliams From Phillies
The trade from the other perspective -- the Phillies are are going for it in a winnable division (sic).

What Can Phillies Expect Out of Ryan Howard in 2016?
The Philadelphia Phillies will have Ryan Howard back in 2016, for what will likely be his final season with the Phillies. What can be expected from him?

Crashburn Alley – It’s Time To Let Howard Go
"In a season like 2015 when significant roster upheaval was a reasonable expectation, it was possible for the Phillies to carry roster excess. Now the next core has already begun to arrive and roster spots will be increasingly difficult to come by."

Paul Byrd recalls strong stint with Phillies |
With no expectations, Byrd took flight with Phils. Where is he now?

On the Farm

Phillies' Andrew Knapp continued to learn in Arizona Fall League - The Morning Call
"AFL teams each have 35 players. Playing time is doled out so that everyone gets a chance. Thus, virtually nobody plays more than four times a week. ... On days he wasn't playing he was spending time in the bullpen working on his catching."

Top AFL Velocities, According to PITCHf/x | FanGraphs Baseball
Yacksel Rios makes an appearance on the list of starters throwing hardest.

Phillies Off-season League Updates: Cordero, MAG, Araujo, Knapp, more | Phillies Nation
Details on Phils players participating in fall and winter leagues from around the globe.

Miguel Vargas, Lazaro Vargas defect from Cuba |
"Legendary Cuban baseball player Lazaro Vargas and his son, top infield prospect Miguel Vargas, have left the island, according to industry sources, and are currently in an undisclosed location. Miguel Vargas, who turned 16 on Tuesday, is seeking a deal with a Major League team."

Around the League

Braves remain steadfast as critics grow: 'We are not tanking'
"Atlanta Braves general manager John Coppolella is on the other end of the telephone, seething, offended by all of the accusations. “I know it’s hard for our fans, but I’m not running for office. We are doing what I believe is what’s best in for the long-term interest of the Braves. I’ll trust our scouts and analytics."

Kris Bryant unanimous choice for NL Rookie of the Year, here¿s my ballot - The Morning Call

2015 BABIP overperformers and underperformers - Beyond the Box Score
Which players overperformed and underperformed their expected BABIP the most in 2015? Odubel is edged out by Kris Bryant.

Cubs' Maddon, Texas' Banister selected Managers of the Year

The Bargains of the 2016 Free Agent Class | FanGraphs Baseball
#1: Jason Heyward, OF

Did the Red Sox Just Reset the Market for Relievers? | FanGraphs Baseball
"As it turns out, the Red Sox paid roughly the going rate for Craig Kimbrel, or at least what Kimbrel cost a year ago."

The Reds’ Plan, Rebuilding, and Team Volatility | FanGraphs Baseball
"In other words, teams are more volatile from year to year now, possibly because teams are considering lower thresholds as competitive."

This Is How The MLB Needs To Make An Example Of Jose Reyes — MLB — The Sports Quotient

David Ortiz Has Refused to Decline | FanGraphs Baseball

Revisiting the Non-Competitive Pitch | FanGraphs Baseball
"What a pitcher is rarely, if ever, trying to do is locate dramatically outside of the strike zone. I’m talking several feet. These pitches happen, but for all intents and purposes, they’re unintentional and serve no use."

Ben Revere, Super Slugger part II: The homering - Beyond the Box Score
I hesitate to link to this, but yes, making fun of Revere's "power" never gets old.