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'Good chance' Phillies trade Ken Giles?

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Here we go agaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiinn

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: [Shuffles note cards on desk] Boy things have really picked up on this one.

Ken Rosenthal is saying the Marlins and Astros are among the teams poking the Phillies about Giles. The Marlins have somebody the Phillies like in Marcell Ozuna, and Fish owner Jeffrey Loria apparently "can't stand" the talented young outfielder, but Miami wants a starter for him.

Meanwhile, Jayson Stark, who has apparently been assigned the Ken Giles beat, says that teams who have yelled at the Phillies about acquiring their young closer believe that the team will be trading him this winter, or in July. So if you're someone who believes the word of competing teams who don't have the Phillies' best interests at heart, that's some news for you. Stark also found out the price tag - "2 or 3 high-ceiling prospects."

We can turn prospects into MORE prospects?! Klentak, you sly dog.


Teams have their searchlights flickering right now, trying desperately to find a closer in the offseason fog. For some reason, there is a serious shortage of someone, anyone, who can leave the bullpen and not barf all over the place.

The Tigers were the first to spot something, and made themselves feel more comfortable about their bullpen by trading for Francisco Rodriguez of the Brewers. The deal has everybody mouthing at each other about the market for closers, including Jayson Stark, who stirred up some talk about Ken Giles Wednesday that you may or may not want to hear.

It's true, the 25-year-old made only $519,000 this season despite doubling the amount of home runs he gave up in 2014 (1) in 24.1 more innings. So, yeah, a kid who has appeared in 113 major league games and has yet to have an ERA over 2.00 over a significant amount of time is going to attract attention especially in a pathetic market for an overvalued position.

My god, there are probably front office staffers in this league disturbing their families at the dinner table as drool dribbles out of their gaping mouths while they think about snatching Giles off the putrid Phillies roster for cheap. Those idiots waited to trade Cole Hamels, and were only able to get a bunch of very promising prospects in return for him! Heh. Heh. Dummies.

But speaking of Hamels, once again, the Phillies find themselves in a position in which their asking price for a trade asset is 'huge.' And that is, once again, fine. Because once again, they have a desired talent everybody wants with no reason to flip him just because analysts are anxious for things to keep happening.

Matt Klentak said dealing the young hotshot who just got married this month is "not a goal," so the Phillies aren't going to be suckered by any offers of mystery boxes or magic beans. The worst case scenario here is that this rebuilding team gets to keep having an affordable fireballer at the back of their bullpen while Jonathan Papelbon keeps on being somewhere else.