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Phillies bring in five ancillary characters to supporting cast

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Who knows which of these five anonymous gentlemen while arise as the Phillies' next hero?

Frank Herrmann: He wants to know what the hell that baseball is thinking.
Frank Herrmann: He wants to know what the hell that baseball is thinking.
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies did some spot-filling on Wednesday and brought in five guys on Minor League deals. Here are their names, positions, ages, career stats, worst fears, and deepest dreams.

Frank Herrmann, RHP

Age: 31

Stats: 4.26 ERA, 2.2 BB/9, 5.4 SO/9, 2.48 SO/W, 1.330 WHIP

Last MLB appearance: October 3, 2012. Threw four pitches for the Indians against the White Sox in a 9-0 loss, but didn't allow any hits or earned runs, and actually hadn't allowed any ER since September 10.

Chris Leroux, RHP

Age: 31

Stats:  6.03 ERA, 4.4 BB/9, 8.3 SO/9, 1.89 SO/W, 1.702 WHIP

Last MLB appearance: May 2, 2014. Appearing in relief for the Yankees, allowed five hits, five earned runs, and two walks in one inning of a 40-pitch massacre.

"Obviously going to Double-A isn't the most ideal situation for me at this point in my career, but going down there and throwing is better than not throwing at all."

--Chris Leroux, after pitching six innings of scoreless relief for the IronPigs this past season

Reiner Roibal, RHP

Age: 26

Stats: 2.62 ERA, 2.3 BB/9, 8.6 SO/9, 3.7 SO/W, 1.244 WHIP

Last MLB appearance: N/A

"[Roibal] Has been a critical addition to the pitching staff since arriving in mid-May from Clearwater. He's pitched in every role, as a starter, middle guy and set-up man. Even saved a game."

--Mike Drago, Reading Eagle, September 2015

Emmanuel Burriss, 2B/SS

Age: 30

Stats: .245/.307/.271, 1 HR, 40 SB, 55 BB, 101 SO, -2.1 WAR in 806 PA

Last MLB appearance: July 25, 2015. Worked a walk and scored a run in the Nationals' 9-3 win over the Pirates.

"He is the first D.C. public school product to play in the majors since Maury Wills [38 years ago]..."

--Chelsea James, Washington Post, June 2015

Ryan Jackson, SS

Age: 27

Stats: .061/.114/.061, 2 H, 2 BB, 10 SO in 39 PA

Last MLB appearance: September 30, 2015. Slotted into the No. 9 spot in the Angels' lineup against the A's. Did not get to bat.

"The Cardinals amassed 15 assists behind Westbrook, seven of them from rookie Ryan Jackson, who started at second base in his major-league debut."

--Joe Strauss, St. Louis Dispatch on Jackson's MLB debut vs. the Phillies in 2012