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Phillies add Mickey Morandini to coaching staff

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The second baseman from the 1993 squad is coming aboard as the team's new first base coach.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It seems as though we cannot escape the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies.

One of the Macho Row crew will be returning to the team, this time their once-mulleted second baseman Mickey Morandini, as the team's first base coach.

Morandini, now 49 years old, was a member of the organizations' player development system, managed the Phils' Single-A team and coached in Reading and Lehigh Valley. In addition to coaching first base, he'll also be in charge of the team's baserunning, something the Kansas City Royals reminded the world can be a large part of winning a title.

Remember that baserunning was one of the big advantages the Phils had over their competitors in 2008 and '09 when former first base coach Davey Lopes was in charge of that aspect of the team. It will be Morandini's job to help the slew of young players that will no doubt be on the roster next year learn how to run the bases aggressively and intelligently.

With this move, the Phillies have rounded out their coaching staff for next season. Last year's first base coach, Juan Samuel, moves to the third base coaching box, with Bob McClure (pitching coach), Larry Bowa (bench coach), and Steve Henderson (hitting coach) all returning, and two more newcomers, Rick Kranitz, (bullpen coach) and John McLaren (catching coach), also joining manager Pete Mackanin's staff.

Morandini played for the Phils from 1990-97, and played 120 games for the National League champs in '93 that lost the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays. He had his best season the year after he left Philadelphia, in 1998 with the Cubs, where he posted an fWAR of 4.0, made the NL All-Star team and put up a slash line of .296/.380/.385.

Time for some Mickey highlights now.

Helluva call, guys. Y'all were right on top of that one.