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TGP Radio Episode 23: Trading Ken Giles

On this week's edition of TGP Radio, John Stolnis talks discusses a potential Ken Giles trade, the MLB free agent market, and opens the Phillies Twitter mailbag with Good Phight writer Justin Klugh.

The Phillies are considering trading Ken Giles.

I know, this seems silly, but it appears as if the team, while not anxious to deal him, is seriously listening to offers from other clubs. And ESPN's Jayson Stark says teams that have spoken with the Phils believe Giles will be dealt either this winter or in July.

Joining me to discuss this on TGP Radio Episode 23 this week is fellow Good Phighter Justin Klugh. We also opened up the Twitter mailbag on a wide variety of issues, including whether the Phillies' new analytics computer system PHIL is, indeed, going to kill us all one day.

I also talked about some comments general manager Matt Klentak regarding free agency, and broke down the MLB award winners for 2015.

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