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2015 Phillies Player Review: Ben Revere and Andres Blanco

Listen my children, and you shall hear, of Andres Blanco and Ben Revere.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The light-hitting outfielder and the unexpectedly mashing utility infielder combined to play in 202 games for the 2015 Phillies, each having the best season of his career.

Ben Revere moved from center field to left field in the spring to make way for the rookie Odubel Herrera, where his unique combination of skills play far better. Despite spending time at all three OF spots, Revere was the team's primary left fielder until his deadline trade to Toronto for fireballers Jimmy Cordero and Alberto Tirado.

Revere flirted with a .300 batting average, and at the time of the trade, was slashing .298/.334/.374/.709 with another home run. His base stealing was reduced from 2014, with 24 steals out of 29 attempts, but he demonstrated as much power as he ever had, with 20 extra base hits before the trade. He accumulated 2.0 rWAR with the Phillies, with positive numbers on offense and defense.

After the trade, of course, Revere sparked the league-leading Blue Jay offense, and lead them to a Division title.

Missin' you, Ben.

Andres Blanco, a veteran utility infielder, has been with the Phils minor leagues since 2012. During a brief callup last year, he appeared in only 25 games, but in 2015, particularly late in the season, he was the first-line reserve infielder, started frequently in place of Maikel Franco at third or Freddy Galvis at short; and was often called on to pinch-hit. He rewarded the Phillies' trust with an unexpected offensive outburst: .292/.360/.502/.863 and 7 home runs in just 261 plate appearances.

He set a career high in most offensive categories. Of his career net total of 3.0 rWAR, half was earned this year. Barring a trade or springtime disaster, Blanco will be a Phillies again in 2016, and, while we shouldn't expect more of the same from him, it would seem foolish to discount him as a wasted roster spot.

Also, this happened:

Sorry bird.