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Phillies' love affair with Jeff Francoeur may be losing its fire?

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The 31-year-old is not the only corner outfielder available, the Phillies have realized.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when Jeff Francoeur and the Phillies were inseperable. He loved that they were willing to employ a sharply plummeting ex-rising star, and they loved that he was cheap, and people seemed to like him for some reason. Also, he seemed to have a positive affect on young players, apparently.

There was no reason not to re-up on such a scenario in 2016, so both sides spoke openly about spending another year together. But now Todd Zolecki is saying the Phillies are being tempted by seductive free agents like Chris Denorfia or David DeJesus or John Mayberry, Jr.

But while sources said the Phillies remain interested in Francoeur, they are exploring other options... other everyday and part-time outfielders like Chris Young, Ryan Raburn, David Murphy, Rajai Davis, Alejandro De Aza and Justin Ruggiano might be a fit.

Francoeur, who likely spent the holiday in tears over possibly not returning to a team that will lose 100+ games, is interchangeable with a multitude of corner outfielders milling around out there (Police say it's becoming a real problem). Since the team isn't really concentrating on getting better through free agency yet, they would presumably be seeking an alternative who cost less. Francoeur came with a $950,000 price tag in 2015, when he hit .258/.286/.433 with 13 HR. *shrug*

Or they're just doing their due diligence, and in all likelihood will bring back the universally praised clubhouse figure in favor of going elbow-deep into the utility outfielder market.