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Phillies: Feel free to start forming emotional attachments to some of these young players

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Hooray, somewhere to put our feelings.

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UPDATE: Seriously, get on board.


Look at all these youngsters the Phillies are eager to put front and center as they go to the future, all with nicknames and hashtags built right in for the PR department. Why, there's El Torito! And #BeLikeMaik! And who could forget The Big Easy? Remember when we couldn't come up with a better name for the closer than "100 Miles Giles?"

We already know that the near future holds very few free agent signings for this team, as they let the youthful stars of tomorrow try to shine. But when building in a particular way, it's simply part of the process that some pieces aren't going to fit. And that will of course lead to,

Hey, look, it happens. I'm sure we all have Ben Revere jerseys buried in our closets. Some of us may have been a little overzealous in forcing the future. Some of us may regret that. Some of us really got taken for a ride by Revere's infectious enthusiasm.

In any case, there are so many names that we are looking forward to seeing sewn into the fabric of major league jerseys, joining the guys from the first paragraph. Nick Williams! Jorge Alfaro! Jake Thompson! Jerad Eickhoff! God, there's just... there's just so many, you know?! It's tough not to abandon all other thoughts and productivity and just sit in a chair all day, thinking about them.

We must resist the urge, however. Not only are we on some very thin ice as far as foregoing all responsibilities in favor of more Phillies thoughts, but that Revere jersey serves as a warning: no matter who we think is the future, the Phillies may disagree. There are flukes, gambles, risks and bombs along the way of a rebuild, and the Phillies are far from immune to them. So let's all take a deep breath and not get emotionally invested in any of these guys unless the Phillies say it's okay.

Do not expect the Phillies to trade any of their top young prospects. Now is not the time for that.

--Todd Zolecki

You heard Zolecki, let's unleash the tsunami of deeply troubling love we keep dammed behind feigned indifference for most of the offseason. Go ahead, do it. The process is ongoing, but for now any fantasies we conjure during our six to ten hours of completely healthy daydreaming per day will remain completely intact because we don't have to cash these guys in for two halves of two different seasons of Hunter Pence.

Nothing to worry about.

But they could trade some of their young big league talent to help fill some holes, especially if they believe they have prospects coming through the system that could take their place before the end of next season.

[Frantically clicks mouse while trying to undo purchase of custom $900 'El Torito' jersey]

Look, I'm not here to tell you guys how to be fans. We all have our own ways of doing things. With somebody like Nick Williams on the horizon, is Aaron Altherr or Odubel Herrera tradeable? I think, you know, yes, that's sort of what is being said here. Then again, maybe another team has a use for guys like Cody Asche, or Darnell Sweeney, or Darin Ruf even though he's not young anymore; guys who could provide youthful depth elsewhere and bring back some low level prospect in return, who weren't necessarily viewed as critical future pieces.

In the end, getting attached to players in general is a risky business - there are deep wounds left in me by the departure of a certain Hawaiian three years ago. But it is still both exciting and frightening as fans to sit on the precipice of a new generation, without the full knowledge of who exactly that generation will consist of. The only thing we can be sure of is that there will be plenty of guessing in the coming months and years. Plenty of ind

[Clicks mouse repeatedly again, checks bank account, sweats]

Plenty of guessing indeed.