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Phillies pluck Royals hurler off waiver wire

Matt Klentak clearly plans to jam this team full of fringe pitchers.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals won the World Series this year, and therefore, any scraps their party bus leaves behind as it tears through the midwest should be scooped up by desperate non-contenders and treasured as valuable commodities.

That is, what I assume, is the idea at play here as the Phillies snare 27-year-old right-handed reliever Michael Mariot off of waivers. Mariot appeared in two games for the Royals this season, throwing three innings but giving up two hits, including a home run that led to his sole earned run.

Last year, Kansas City gave him 25 of their innings, in which he walked 12, allowed 31 hits, and 18 earned runs. Not great. He likely burrowed into memories like this one, when he locked down the Indians in late April.

Mariot has been pitching in the Royals farm system since 2010, in which he largely kept his ERA under 4.00, though a few bad turns skew the numbers to give him a 6.11 ERA, 7.1 SO/9, and 4.5 BB/9 for his entire tenure there. For triple A Omaha this past year he was especially effective, appearing in 42 games, being trusted to finish 26 of them, and allowing 52 hits, 16 earned runs, with 10.5 SO/9, 2.3 BB/9, and 4.5 SO/W.

Matt Klentak is loving being in the waiver wire's driver's seat as he fills this organization with marginal pitching to increase depth. Today's news has naturally led to pandemonium among the fans.