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TGP Radio Episode 21: What the Royals taught us

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In Episode 21 of TGP Radio, host John Stolnis looks back at the Kansas City Royals World Series win over the New York Mets with Corinne Landry of Crashburn Alley and The Hardball Times. Also, Baseball America's Top 10 Prospects list, and Vegas doesn't believe in the Phils.

The Kansas City Royals are world champs, and baseball is now doing what it always does. Trying to copy off the guys that just had a parade.

And now, as the Phillies are in the middle of their rebuild, should they go out of their way to remake their team in the image of the Royals? And is there a formula for winning a World Series? Joining me this week is Corinne Landry from Crashburn Alley and The Hardball Times to talk about this.

In this week's episode I also run down Baseball America's Phils Top 10 prospects list, talk about Mickey Morandini returning to the big leagues and Las Vegas' lack of confidence in the 2016 Phillies.

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