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2015 Phillies Player Review: Brian Bogusevic

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Yeah, I know.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last November, Brian Bogusevic signed a minor league deal with the Phillies. The team needed people around to fill positions, and they seemed to think that a logjam of outfielders wasn't enough - they needed a log, with fringe players readily available in case of the unthinkable (Injury, trade, Domonic Brown, etc.)

So, the 31-year-old, four-year MLB veteran who did not play in the big leagues in 2014 was brought on board to wait in the minors for something to happen. And things did happen, just never to the degree that the Phillies put in a phone call to Lehigh Valley to have Bogusevic put on a bus.

Though it was a great year for the Phillies farm system, with three affiliates going to the playoffs, the IronPigs were not one of them. Bogusevic logged 118 games with the team, hitting .296 with a .783 OPS and 44 BB in 467 AB. These were easily the best numbers on the team among guys who appeared in 100+ games, similar to numbers he put up in spring training (Bogusevic slashed .306/.333/.611 in 36 AB during training camp), which had to lead to him wondering what the hell he was doing in Lehigh when the regular season was in full swing and Grady Sizemore was getting ample looks in a big league outfield.

Despite Bogusevic's positive output, the IronPigs went 63-81 and finished the season nowhere near the playoff picture. His business conlcuded in northeastern PA, the call finally came through that the veteran was being given the honor of playing in the outfield of the last place Philadelphia Phillies as they finished their schedule because the commissioner told them, repeatedly, that yes, they definitely had to.

So, Bogusevic came up, and got to play in 22 games.

He did some pretty Bogusevish things, like hitting home runs off WIlliams Perez and Tom Koehler, or running over 18 mph, apparently. He even threw a guy (well, a catcher) out at home plate from right field, getting Ben Davis to emit his classic "Nyeh!" noise he makes when he's excited or slightly less bored or whatever.

Come the close of the 2015 season, the Phillies cut ties with Bogusevic, who became a free agent. Currently, he's playing winter ball, recently taking on Roman Quinn's team.

Next year, perhaps a team in need of depth will pick him up and actually notice that he's hitting .300, aka, 40 to 60 points higher than some of the other guys they kept on the roster out of training camp. This season, however, will be logged as yet another serviceable year from a guy who can almost run 20 mph.