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Rule 5 Draft - Phillies select Tyler Goeddel, OF

Sure, why not more Outfielders? Let's just switch to playing Dime defense. Also selected Daniel Stumpf, LHP, Royals

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The quick summary? We now have a new, improved Cam Perkins. Tyler Goeddel is a 23 year old OF, who was originally drafted in the First Round as a Third Baseman (same as Perkins, except for the round), the Tampa Bay Rays moved him to the OF in 2015 and his hitting took a big stride forward. He has an arm that can play anywhere in the OF and has enough speed to play an inning or two in Center in a pinch. Unlike Cam Perkins, Goeddel looks like a solid Defender and can fill an immediate role as a 4th OF.

As a hitter Goeddel brings a good approach to the plate where he averages out to 20% K and 10% BB rates over his MiLB career. He hasn't shown much power, but he has a long, lean frame, that with more strength could potentially add a few homers. In Double-A this year he hit .279/.350/.433 with 28 Steals and 12 Homers. His ceiling is not all that much higher than his floor as you can squint and see a borderline starter if his power develops. Goeddel is a safe bet to make the team and stick as a reserve OF.

Daniel Stumpf is a 6'2" RHP who pitched in Double-A last year for the Royals. He's a fairly typical reliever with good K rates, sketchy walk rates and a predilection for giving up Homers. He seems to fit with Klentak's strategy of filling the 40-man roster with Relievers (I keed, I keed). In honesty, he's a reliever and should be easier to carry if the Phillies like what they see in Spring Training.

The Phillies were fortunate to not lose anyone in the MLB  portion of Rule 5. There were rumors Tirado would be taken and much bellyaching that Carlos Tocci would be, but both remain Phillies. They did however lose Manny Martinez, RHP in the Minor League portion. Martinez is a reliever with some ceiling (high heat, a bit wild), but the Phillies have plenty of other guys with higher ceilings and it's not going to have any impact on the team. The Phillies passed on the Minor League portions of the Rule 5, even though it went a highly unusual 4 rounds for the AAA portion.