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TGP Radio Episode 25: Phillies trade Giles

This week, host John Stolnis takes a look back at an eventful Winter Meetings for the Phillies, capped by the trade of Ken Giles to the Houston Astros. Matt Winkelman from Phillies Minor Thoughts analyzes the return for the Phils and comments on the team's Rule 5 picks.

It was fun while it lasted, Ken.

Ken Giles is now a Houston Astro and the Phillies got four pieces in return. They also selected two new players from the Rule 5 draft and signed a relief pitcher this week... all at a very busy Winter Meetings.

Coming on this week's show to discuss all this is Matt Winkelman, Friend of the Podcast and purveyor of We break down the prospects in the Giles trade, the players selected in the Rule 5 draft as well as a couple other nuggets.

On this week's episode:

  • Phillies Trade Ken Giles
  • What did the Phils get back?
  • Who will be the team's closer next year?
  • Phils sign a new relief pitcher, potential closer?
  • New kids are coming via the Rule 5 draft
  • Matt Winkelman interview
  • Why are so many people hating on the Giles trade?
  • Maikel Franco files a grievance against the Phils, weeks ahead of Festivus.
  • Stat of the Week

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