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BONUS TGP Radio Episode 26 - Ken Giles trade TAKE TWO!

On this bonus edition of TGP Radio, Episode 26, host John Stolnis breaks down the Ken Giles trade to Houston AGAIN, after team officials changed a number of players involved in the deal. Also, the Phils sign a veteran starter for the 2016 rotation.

OK, OK, so maybe we should all start waiting until trades are "officially" announced by teams.

But I mean, the rest of the world was reporting on the five-player trade between the Phillies and Astros that sent Ken Giles to Houston in exchange for four players. Instead, on Saturday, both sides officially announced the deal, adding two additional players to the trade and removing one from the original deal.

Host John Stolnis breaks down the big name added, former No. 1 overall pick Mark Appel, and whether this deal is better than the one we all thought happened on Thursday.

Also, the Phils sign a veteran starting pitcher for the 2016 rotation, and we'll have our Stat of the Week.

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