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You Never Sausage a Post - Monday's Phillies Links


Mediating projections, Part I: Jerad Eickhoff - Beyond the Box Score
While he will almost certainly pitch worse in 2016 than he did in 2015, he can still snag a spot in the starting rotation. The rebuilding Phillies will give many fringe types an opportunity next season, and hopefully Eickhoff will make the most of his.

Frank's Place: A Christmas Eve meeting that made an impression
"The man that sold us the tree, do you know who he was?" I did not. "That was 'Puddin' Head' Jones. He plays third base for the Phillies."

Philadelphia Phillies: Individual Player Winter League Statistics |
Jorge Alfaro with a .229/.229/.257 line in his first 36 PAs of Winter Ball.

Around the League

Ryan Thibodaux tracks Hall of Fame ballots made public
Through 78 ballots, Griffey (100%), Piazza (91%), and Bagwell (83%) are looking good so far, with Raines (79%) on the cusp.

Blue Jays plan for all-dirt infield at Rogers Centre starting in 2016 -
An entirely dirt infield is hoped by many to be the first step toward having a natural grass surface in Toronto.

Mike Matheny bothered by Jason Heyward's Cardinals comments -
"Is Matheny being fair in his response? Or is he just reflexively standing up for his own guys, while perhaps chewing up a few sour grapes over being outbid for Heyward by their top rival?"

Inside Baseball: Hot Stove's mid-point winners and others; plus MLB notes -
1. Red Sox

Unwilling to extend Brandon Phillips, the Nationals are looking elsewhere -
Phillips has two years and $27 million left on his contract but was seeking an extension in order to waive his no-trade clause. Though talks aren't completely dead, the Nats appear ready to explore other options at second base.

5 big free agents who won't sign for a while |
The holiday season is here, and pitchers and catchers will be reporting in less than two months. If you're a free agent, you'd like to be signed by now in order to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind, but things don't always work out that way.