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TGP Radio Episode 28: Sorry Buster, Phils are NOT tanking

In Episode 28, host John Stolnis disputes ESPN's Buster Olney's claim that the Phillies are tanking. WIP and WFAN sports talk host Joe Giglio joins the podcast to discuss this and more.

In this week's edition of TGP Radio, I spoke with Joe Giglio of WIP, WFAN and to talk about whether what the Phillies are doing in 2016 should be considered "tanking." ESPN's Buster Olney directly responded to my piece from the day before (Insider access only), claiming the Phillies were tanking, and that it's a problem that baseball should be worried about.

Needless to say, I disagree.

Also on the podcast this week:

  • Early Hall of Fame ballots are out
  • Are the PED guys getting closer to getting in?
  • Who have been the winners and losers of this off-season throughout MLB?
  • Four teams went over last year's luxury tax, who were they and was it worth it?
  • Our Christmas-themed Stat of the Week!

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