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TGP Radio Episode 29: Ryan Howard and a little Chip Kelly

In this episode of Phillies TGP Radio, host John Stolnis talks about a specious claim by Al Jazeera that, among others, Ryan Howard took PEDs. 97-5 The Fanatic's John Barchard, also host of the Eagles podcast BGN Radio, joins the show, as does fellow Good Phighter Justin Klugh to open up the TGP Radio Mailbag.

In this week's edition of TGP Radio, I detail some of the less-than-believable claims made by someone who says he sent Ryan Howard (among others) PEDs in 2011. Joining me to discuss is 97-5 The Fantatic's John Barchard, and we'll also talk a bit about the Chip Kelly firing, which is lighting up the podwaves on our sister blog's Eagles site, Bleeding Green Nation, and their podcast, BGN Radio (can you see where I got the name for this podcast now?).

Also joining me to discuss the Ryan Howard report is our very own Justin Klugh, and we also open up the TGP Radio mailbag.

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