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Phillies bounce Joely Rodriguez off 40-man roster

As the Sixers announce a new managing partner and the Eagles managed get in the way of the Patriots long enough to beat them, so with the Phillies at the annual winter meetings, where deals fly fast and loose, you know they're ready to steal some thunder.

And that thunder, in the form of their first move since arriving in Nashville, is to dump reliever Joely Rodriguez off the 40-man roster.

Take that, Chip Kelly.

The 24-year-old came here in exchange for Antonio Bastardo, and did not pitch well at Reading - 5.90 ERA, 41 SO, 20 BB in 32 games (21 starts). These numbers were not enough to keep him from reaching triple A, where he had a 6.32 ERA, 33 SO, and 37 BB in 13 starts.

Another hurler on the 40-man about whom questions are often raised is Severino Gonzalez, whose numbers I glanced at just out of curiosity, with the bar now being set on the level of pitching skills that keep you on board. Gonzalez sported a 5.11 ERA in the minors before getting forced into the major league rotation by necessity and logging a 7.92 ERA with them. The thing is, he doesn't walk anybody. He had a 4.0 SO/W ratio with the Phillies, issuing only seven walks in seven starts.

Wait what the hell am I talking about? The point is, Rodriguez is off the roster. The more intriguing, eyebrow-raising-ness of this news lies in of course the fact that it opens up an additional spot on the roster - the Phillies have 37 of 40 spots filled - for god only knows who.