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Matt Klentak warns that something is about to happen for Phillies

So here we were, having nothing but completely reasonable feelings on the Phillies' very adequate, very measured movements at the Winter Meetings. Look at that fun new pullover some of us are sporting!

When all of the sudden, the Phillies, who have the option of being sort of active but are not expected to be too active, announce they might be getting a little pro active, according to Matt Klentak.

Well now, it looks like it did not take too long for "No big free agents" to become "we are definitely signing Jason Heyward" "Maybe we're signing a free agent that matches our track record." Is it something worth freaking out over? There's no was to prove that it isn't, other than what we believe is common sense!

This does tell us, however, that the Phillies aren't apparently close to trading Ken Giles or Cody Asche or anyone else who has been listed as a trade candidate. It also means, if we stretch a little bit, that even if they are one of the 7-10 teams in on Marcell Ozuna, a player they might have had interest in in the recent past, they are one of the ancillary ones whose just hanging around while the actual trade happens.

Keep your eye on those low-risk, toolsy free agents, though! Could it be time for a "Welcome back, Ryan Vogelsong" banner in the Phillies clubhouse?