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Who Is Your Phillies Valentine?

The Phillies wear red They also wear blue They'll make your eyes bleed By game number two

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Amor omnia vincit.

We've all heard, passed down from the Roman poet Virgil, that love conquers all. At the time Virgil wrote the phrase, the 2015 iteration of the Philadelphia Phillies was likely not on his mind. If it were, Virgil might have thought to postulate some limits to love's conquering powers. In other words, the 2015 Phillies will likely put frequent strains on our collective love for the team and the players on it.

But there is no reason for us to subject ourselves to the anticipation of that misery just yet. Valentine's day is tomorrow and, regardless of whether you have a current romantic relationship to commemorate, the Phillies feature a number of players deserving of our admiration, adoration, and, in some cases, lust.

Before the poll and invitation to join the conversation in the comments, I would like to share my own Phillies Valentine.

Despite some flashier, sexier figures on the roster in Chase Utley and Cole Hamels, I am attracted to my Valentine's understated demeanor and no-frills approach. I've always been put off by braggarts and show-offs--not that I scorn them; they're just not my cup of tea--and this Phillie is certainly neither of those things. Whether he's making nonchalant catches in the World Series or working fast on the mound, watching this pitcher produces pleasurable sensations in my loins. I'm not the most warm, sappily romantic lover in the world by a long shot and it strikes me that, in our fantasy relationship, my Valentine would be totally fine with that and reciprocate in kind. My Phillies Valentine, of course, is Cliff Lee.

Who is your Phillies Valentine? It can be a current player, or, if you feel strongly about it, feel free to nominate a former player. Managers and owners are fair game as well, if you're a capitalist pig. And, sure, you can vote for the Phanatic if you wish, but wouldn't that just be trite?