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Kyle Kendrick is officially not a Phillie anymore

For the first time since 2006, Kyle Kendrick will not be on the Phillies.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

He had been a part of our lives for the last eight years. He had been there through the highs, he had been there for the lows, and quite frankly, was responsible for a good number of both.

Kyle Kendrick is gone, guys. He's gone.

Colorado signed Kendrick to a one-year, $5.5 million deal on Tuesday, ending a tenure with the Phillies that began in 2007.

By the end of his run in Philadelphia, Kendrick did not have many defenders left. In eight years and 185 games started, Kendrick posted a 4.42 ERA in 1138.2 innings for the Phils. He went 74-68, good for a .521 winning percentage.

This should tell you all you need to know about pitcher's wins as a stat.

He burst onto the scene in '07, when he went 10-4 as a rookie with a 3.87 ERA in 20 games started for the NL East division champs. His contributions that season went a long way to earning the Phillies their first postseason birth since 1993.

His time in Philadelphia could best be described as up-and-down. He was not very good in 2008 or 2010, when he posted ERAs of 5.49 and 4.73 in 61 starts. But in 2011, mostly out of the bullpen as a long reliever/spot starter, he put up a 3.22 ERA for the team that won 102 games that year.

It was that 2011 season when he was used most ideally. Unfortunately, injuries forced the Phils into giving him a more prominent role in subsuquent seasons, with a 3.90 ERA in 25 starts in '12, a 4.70 ERA in 30 starts in '13, and a 4.61 ERA in 32 starts last season.

Now, he goes to Colorado, where men hit baseballs very far and very often.

With Kendrick gone, an era is now one more step closer to being over. The only players left from the 2008 world champions are Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Carlos Ruiz and Cole Hamels.

But because I like happy thoughts and remembering the good times, I thought I'd end this piece with highlights of Kyle Kendrick's final start with the Phils, a game likely none of us bothered to watch.

Goodbye Kyle. Thanks for the memories. The good and the bad.