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Chase Utley Game Thread: Rays at Phillies


Hello, gorgeous.
Hello, gorgeous.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day that Chase Utley, the most important/best player on the Phillies not named Cole Hamels, will make his spring training debut.

He's taking it "easy" today (relatively) and DHing, and he'll probably only play for a few innings, but it's CHASE UTLEY and he's PLAYING BASEBALL and SWINGING HIS BIG BAT. You better believe he's got a big bat...

I've gotten off topic somehow.

I'm sure some other dudes will pitch and Ruben Amaro will commiserate with Bob McClure to come up with ways to publicly embarrass and shame them. But Chase Utley is playing baseball today, and with Hamels clearly on his way to Trade Town and Lee holding his elbow together with rubber cement and balsa wood, he's all we've got left. I hope he can forgive us for clutching him so tightly.

Discuss the game in the comments below, and happy Friday!