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Domonic Brown having some kind of issue with his Achilles

Hey, that's not quite where I had predicted the injury bug would show up next.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Coming across as what Todd Zolecki described as "deflated" Thursday night after leaving the Phillies' game against the Yankees, outfielder Domonic Brown told reporters the story: he may have tendinitis.

Brown, hitting .241/.371/.276 this spring, also missed a game due to dehydration last week, which he credited to increasing his dosage of anti-inflammatories. But as Chase Headley socked a home run off Aaron Harang in the second inning and Brown gave chase, he apparently felt something give in his Achilles. That discomfort continued until just before his next at-bat, and that was enough for him to leave the game.

The Phillies have some depth in the outfield, with plenty of guys in their thirties who brought gloves to the park ready to take over for the 27-year-old Brown should he miss time.

A team doctor is going to look at him tomorrow. Until then, think about how grateful you are that the Phillies invited guys like Jordan Danks and Jeff Francoeur to camp. Do it. You look at Jeff Francoeur and you thank him.

UPDATE: As Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News points out, Phillies fans are being their usual supportive selves toward Brown.