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Reviewing Phils' Spring Training stats so far

It's March 20th, minor leaguers are being sent to their own camp, and PA and inning totals are slowly climbing. Time to check in on Phils' stats.

Cord Phelps
Cord Phelps
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I was only an occasional visitor to beerleaguer, but I believe today is Clout Day, which was defined by commentor clout there as the day that Spring Training stats can start to  be viewed as meaningful (better explained by The Truth Injection here).*

So in recognition of Clout Day, let's recap the Phillies' stats after 18 games:


First the hitting stats, and to anyone who's been paying attention, it won't be a surprise that they're not good. Below are the key rate stats for the Phils, and their MLB ranking.**

AVG - .228 (30th)
OBP - .282 (30th)
SLG - .327 (30th)
OPS - .609 (30th)

Okay then.

How about some other rate stats:

ISO - .099 (29th - tied with Atlanta for last)
BABIP - .226 (30th)

So a BABIP that low is probably not sustainable, but it's also probably not all due to bad luck, either. And the low ISO goes with extra base hits in only 5.2% of plate appearances, by far the lowest in MLB (next lowest is Atlanta at 6.0%).

BB% - 6.0% (30th)
K% - 18.2% (17th)

Again,  no surprise on the walk rate -- they've been quite aggressive so far.

Though there are some categories where they are at the head of the pack:

Groundouts - 222 (1st)
GO/AO - 1.59 (2nd) -- i.e. the ratio of ground outs to air outs

And of course...

Sacs - 8 (1st)
Sac/PA - 1.2% (1st) -- the only team over 0.9%
Sac/Opp - 4.4% (1st) -- as % of opportunities (singles + walks + HBPs); 2nd highest is 2.8%



ERA - 4.12 (13th lowest)
WHIP - 1.33 (10th lowest)
BB/TBF - 6.6% (7th lowest)


HR - 23 (29th) -- tied for most allowed with the Giants
K/TBF - 17.4% (25th)


Leading the way:

Bogusevic (21 PA): 1.329 OPS
Utley (15): 1.105
Rupp (16): .938
Phelps (30): .925
Asche (34): .836


K.Hill (12 PA): .083 OPS
Mastroianni (15 PA): .200
Joseph (13): .308
Revere (39): .316



Luis Garcia (6 IP): 0.00 ERA
Cliff Lee (2): 0.00 .... : (
Adam Morgan (4): 0.00
Andy Oliver (6.2): 0.00
Joely Rodriguez (9.0): 1.00


Mike Nesseth (3): 21.00
Mario Hollands (5.1): 11.81
Cole Hamels (8): 9.00

Finally, for a non-Phillies note, these are Mike Trout's spring stats (in 31 PAs), extrapolated to a 700-PA full season:

294 hits, 45 doubles, 23 triples, 68 home runs, 248 RBI, and 226 runs scored. 68 stolen bases, 0 caught stealing, and a .500/.581/1.000 triple slash.


* I might have made that date August 20 rather than March 20, but ymmv.

** Unlike during the regular season, comparing across leagues is not as problematic in ST since NL teams also use DH's liberally in order to get more at bats for position players.