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Phillies attempt to plug injured prospect hole

Everbyody's talking about Devin Lohman.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

And they're talking about him because the Phillies acquired him yesterday, which was first reported somewhere in the middle of this article about a different roster move involving two other teams.

J.P. Crawford is out for the next six weeks with an oblique strain, and his starting shortstop spot on the Reading Fightins is up for grabs. Into the mix will step 25-year-old Lohman, whom the Phillies worked quickly to acquire from the Reds in exchange for a mystery player in the future.

Lohman, a career .251/.330/.365 hitter through four minor league seasons, is generally considered all-glove, and has been hanging out in Cincinnati's double A franchise, that is for some reason in Pensacola, Florida, for the last two years, where the local populace took to him nicely.

In 2010, his speed was considered a big plus and his arm was seen as one of the best available for an infielder in the MLB Draft. This was following a college career as a Long Beach State Dirtbag, where he hit .290 over two seasons, but provided another asset that may have triggered the Phillies interests: He's historically sturdy, having been the only player to appear in all 54 games of the 2009 season, starting in 53. Lohman played in at least 130 games every year from 2011-2013, bouncing between levels of the farm system, and made it into 108 last season.

Here he is last year, admitting that he likes The Notebook and Notting Hill: