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Cody Asche thinks he will be ready by opening day

In somewhat more fortunate news than we're accustomed, the Phillies third baseman says he should be healthy for the start of the season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't seen Cody Asche for a few days, which leads to several questions. Where is he? What is he doing? Why won't the Phillies show us anything? Has anyone seen him around? WHERE ARE THE BODIES?!

But before we launch an official investigation, Stephen Gross of The Morning Call is assuring everyone that Asche has not been disappeared and believe that he will be in the Phillies' lineup come opening day:

While Asche explained that the injury is "not something that goes away with one or two days," he still has faith that the training staff will have him ready for Opening Day.

I'd bet the trainers would have a better idea, as Asche presumably has a bias about what his body is capable of. After missing Thursday's game with "back tightness," Asche was supposed to play in a minor league game on Saturday, but didn't. Should Asche miss significant time, the Phillies would have to go with [shuffles through stacks of depth charts] uh [papers flying] Freddy Galvis, who is supposed to be the shortstop, so that means Cesar Hernandez would take over at short, I, uh. Guess. [shrug]

So while Asche's teammate Domonic Brown, whose opening day fate remains more of a mystery, no one is outwardly denying that Asche's hopes are not legitimate. Though he is apparently starting to wear on roommate Cameron Rupp's nerves.