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Mets fan chucks a beer at poor Grady Sizemore

Hasn't Grady Sizemore been through enough?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Mets fans have tasted some success of late as Matt Harvey returned from a lost season to re-dominate the National League. He's a thrilling young man with a handsome face whose raw talent devastates hitters and horrifies onlookers. With guys like him, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and others, the Mets could become a team people can watch without vomiting, or calling up headlines of the pyramid scheme in which their owners were involved just years ago.

You can really sense this among the fans, whose actions have increased in boldness to the point that they exude even an ounce of confidence in a team that was very recently an utter laughingstock, openly mocked by their truest supporters. As this brashness grows, they will likely focus the simmering, nonsensical hostility constantly alive in the guts of New Yorkers and the New Jerseyans pretending to be them on familiar targets. The Phillies, a team down and very easy to kick, will be one of them.

And as the Mets fans select their targets, is there a Phillie currently on the roster more embroiled in the Philles-Mets rivalries than Grady Sizemore? Of course not. He was there through it all; the 2007 rivalry that ended in a Mets collapse; the 2008 rivalry that ended in a Mets collapse; the 2009 "rivalry" that saw two of the Mets' most hated rivals reach the World Series. Sizemore was the central figure through it all, so it makes sense for the 32-year-old attempting a rebound with a body sewn together by miracles of modern medicine to become the first casualty of the Mets fans' blind, furious outrage.

Well done, Mets fan. You will be hailed as a hero on the frontlines of this battle with no one.